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What They're Saying About Coach Ray

"Ray is not only a high energy guy with passion, he has a story that is like no other. Live-Dream-Be is his motto and when he speaks, you will see how he turns his dreams of being a professional athlete into a brand name that households across the county can find. Great story, great guy and he will leave everyone feeling excited and refreshed"

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Duke Baxter


Zoned Sports Academy

"The moment I met Ray I felt the same spark I did when I met some of the worlds most influential people. Ray's approach to life and business is the perfect blueprint for anyone looking to build a successful future for themselves. His experiences, both good and bad, will help others to navigate their paths forward towards a more positive outcome. Ray's perspective is the perfect balance of optimism and reality"

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Michael DeVirgilio 



"Ray was a relentless player in that he always wanted to get better. He always strived to be the best at his position"


"His personality is very engaging, but his work ethic is what sets him apart"

Rob Sheppard

Head Baseball Coach 

Seton Hall University

"Ray accomplished more statistically than any other Ducks player in team history...He's a shining example of what everyone should strive to be when they're part of an organization like this" 

Mike Pfaff

General Manager 

Long Island Ducks

"Ray's been outstanding for the Long Island Ducks. He's an MVP, he does everything in the community, he's a fan favorite...Ray is a positive person who makes the best out of everything. Great winning attitude, a team guy" 


Kevin Baez

Former Manager 

Long Island Ducks

New York Mets Shortstop

"From the first time I met Ray as in incoming freshman at Seton Hall, I could immediately sense his energy and drive. What he has done since then with his baseball career and Digmi brand is truly impressive but certainly not surprising. I'm thrilled to have the relationship I do with Ray and was honored to be on his podcast. Passion, desire and positive energy is a daily routine for this guy"

jim duffy.jpg

Jim Duffy 

Former Assistant

Baseball Coach 

Seton Hall University

“Ray is such an enthusiastic and sincere speaker.  He spoke to a room filled with prospective students and parents at an Open House for our College and engaged them all!  His honest and heartfelt sincerity is so endearing.  People swarmed him after the presentation to continue the conversation.  Ray has a talent for connecting with people.”


Deirdre Yates

Founding Dean & Professor of Theatre

College of Communication and the Arts

Seton Hall University

"Ray always brings passion, perseverance and a smile to everything he does. He's not only the hardest worker in the room, but also the most engaging and most enjoyable to be around" 

Renegade Radio - Podcast.jpg

Jason Ferruggia

Lifestyle/Fitness Consultant

Author, Speaker & Entrepreneur

"Ray is an incredible role model and has a way of making someone feel as though they can achieve greatness as long as they put their heart and soul into it.....

I have seen many motivational speakers over the past 25 years but Ray’s presentation was beyond my expectations. He presented his story with passion, sincerity and thoroughly impressed our students and staff...... 

Ray has a magnetic personality with the utmost desire to make an impact on the lives of people of all ages"


Gina M. Borea


Newmark School

"If you are looking for somebody with a truly positive spirit, exciting story and great energy...Ray Digmi is your guy"

Habits of A Champion Book.png
Dana Cavalea and Derek Jeter at Yankee Stadium

Dana Cavalea 

Former New York Yankees 

Strength & Conditioning Coach

2009 World Series Champion

Speaker - Entrepreneur - Author

"Your message to the team and parents was filled with passion, personality and perseverance....

If you are a coach of a sports team you want to bring Ray in to speak to your players!"


Jim Ferraro 


Head Baseball Coach

Marlboro High School

"Ray has a reputation for being relentless and passionate in the persistent pursuit of reaching his potential and he looks to bring out the same in whoever he is influencing. His energy and optimism is contagious and extremely engaging! The way he ties in life lessons to sports, business and every day life is something that can have an impact on many people".


Giuseppe Papaccio

Associate Head Baseball Coach 

Seton Hall University

"Ray is without a doubt one of the most passionate and magnetic people I have had the pleasure of meeting. Getting to know Ray through hosting his wedding and learning about his story, Ray has an innate ability to motivate and instill positivity to those around him. As a fellow business owner and former athlete myself, I can say that I sincerely look at Ray as a source of positivity and daily inspiration in my own life. Ray is a winner through and through!"

Elegant Music Group
Tom Gambuzza

Tom Gambuzza

Elegant Music Group 

Partner/DJ/Event Host

"Ray is taking the same drive, enthusiasm and passion from the diamond to fashion and branding. He has created an incredible story for the Digmi brand, anchored with positivity. I find myself rooting for him as if I were watching him play on the field. His accomplishments thus far placing Digmi in leading retailers is outstanding. It is refreshing for me, a 30 year veteran of the fashion business to see Ray's fresh take"

Glen Brummer 

Sales Director

Royal Apparel

"Ray is a Visionary Thinker. He has a vision for the business and its
business units. He maintains a long term, big picture view while dealing
effectively with short term business challenges. Through his speaking
engagements, he helps his audience to quickly identify obstacles and
opportunities and stimulates breakthrough ideas. He fosters innovative solutions. Ray brings great energy and enthusiasm to each

and every engagement" 

Rocky Romanella
CEO - Author 
UPS "Chairman's Award for  Excellence" Recipient 

"Energy. Positivity. Passion. Genuineness. Perseverance. Those are a few words that pop into my mind when I think about Ray. His attention to detail and his motivation to get better "in the margins" at whatever he is doing, drives me to want to level up. I continue to listen and learn from Ray...someone who has the passion and drive to impact, inspire and influence others on a daily basis" 


Kevin Wilson

Former Pro Baseball Player

Professional Hitting Consultant

Author: The Good Batting Book


"I have known Ray for 10 years and will undoubtably state that he is one of the most energetic, hardworking, positive and charismatic people I have ever met.  His desire to succeed and his willingness to share that blueprint to success, both on and off the baseball field, is inspiring and refreshing.  Ray has been a reliable source of knowledge and inspiration for my son and his teammates.  His message of Passion, Personality, Perseverance, and Patience captivated our Islip Owls players and encouraged them to “Live Your Goals” and “Seize the Moment”.  These lifelong lessons are valuable mottos that they have now adopted and will most certainly continue to apply to their daily lives both today and in the future.  Ray was able to connect with our players in a way most can’t.  His message resonated with our young men and has inspired them to “Live. Dream. Be” whatever they choose to in life"


Jason Rivera

Islip Owls 

Assistant Coach

“I’ve known Ray for nearly 10 years as an amazing baseball coach and an innovative professional.  He has a unique ability to connect with people and when he came to speak to my agency he motivated and unified my team in a way that I didn’t think possible.  His personal story is compelling and he lives his words, which is so rare these days.  I highly recommend Ray to any group looking to hear about how to persevere through personal and professional obstacles.”

Eric Streem Allstate.jpeg

Eric Streem

Allstate Insurance Agent 

Wayne, New Jersey

"Ray is on the most likeable people I have ever met! His positive energy and tremendous enthusiasm make the world a better place. It is an honor and privilege to call him a friend."

Kelly Nicholson

Orleans Firebirds Manager

Cape Cod Baseball League

kelly nicholson .jpg

"Ray Navarrete is one of the most positive and enthusiastic people I have ever had the pleasure to be around. He has the ability to inspire people through telling his story about hard work and perseverance, teaching his audience how to identify and overcome everyday adversities. The Digmi brand is living proof of Ray's success and his story is one that everyone can and will learn valuable life lessons. Ray's energy is bar-none and any chance you get to have him speak to your team or organization, I highly recommend!"


Andrew Romanella 

Head Baseball Coach 

Centenary University

Jay Blackwell.jpeg

"I've been fortunate to know Ray since his teenage years, being one of the most passionate and hard-working athletes during his time in high school. Ray continued to have an uninterrupted dedication to the game of baseball through college and into professional baseball. Ray has the energy and personality to motivate any youth or adult looking to accomplish something in their life. He has much more to offer that a baseball resume, and when you hear him speak, you are immediately engaged by an genuine outlook on an approach to success"

Jay Blackwell

Former Rutgers University

Assistant Baseball Coach 

Director of Jersey Giants Baseball Club

jersey giants.png
Jay Merz_edited.jpg

"Ray is one of the best coaches and supporters of the game I’ve ever met!

Hearing him speak, his passion for teaching the game, and the way he connects with the kids is great.

Untitled design (50).png

Jason Merz


Landscape & Design


Ray is a great baseball guy to know. He brings high energy and communicates the game well. His motor never stops running and he is a guy I wish I was able to play with. His 14 years of pro experience makes him easy to listen to. He is approachable, and always down to talk some baseball. His positive attitude makes him one of the best trainers out there. Gotta love some "Coach Ray All Day"!

Zack Granite.webp
Untitled design (2).jpg

Zack Granite 


Major League Baseball Player 

"Ray is an exceptional mentor and someone who I am always happy to talk game or business with. He is constantly thinking of how he can positively impact the guys he coaches and the people in his network"

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Jessica Parker

Softball & Mental Training Coach

Mavericks Softball Head Coach 

"Coach Ray is one of the most engaging speakers we have ever had at Eisenhower Middle School.  His message was inspiring, relevant and meaningful to middle school kids and staff alike.   He is an incredibly dynamic and passionate speaker; you could have heard a pin drop in the auditorium, and he had everyone eating out of the palm of his hand!   One student told me later "Coach Ray inspired me to work hard to achieve what I want in life and believe in myself."  I think every middle school student and staff member needs to hear his message!"

lori gambino.jpeg

Lori Gambino



"Ray captivated our staff with his journey from the from the new kid in school to the big stadiums of professional baseball".  His message of betting on yourself and the power of educators resonated with our teachers and administrators.  It is clear he leads by example, as he brings confidence, leadership, and a positive attitude to the stage."

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Jeremy Braverman


Howell High School

"I have known Ray since his days at Marlboro High School. Even then, I could see that his engaging personality and composure along with his confidence and drive set him apart from almost all of his peers. As a speaker, Ray will capture your audience immediately. His comments and style will inspire and motivate your group. Ray has a unique ability to relate to any and all age groups. You won't be disappointed!"

larry zdilla.jpeg

Larry Zdilla

Former Football Coach

Monmouth University


"I’ve known Ray most of my life.  We grew up together playing little league, went to different high schools, then became teammates at Seton Hall.  Ray is one of the hardest working guys I’ve ever met.  He brings passion, energy, and a positive attitude every day.  Ray's success story is inspiring to all ages and his motivation when he speaks will influence everyone in the room in a positive way."

buddy h.jpeg
Screen Shot 2024-02-22 at 12.44.59 PM.png

Buddy Hausmann

Red Bank Catholic 

High School

Athletic Director

"LIVE.DREAM.BE! Appreciate Ray...he lifted me up in a time of need. Gave me motivation. Gave me hope. Gave me a reason to push forward!"

Screen Shot 2024-02-22 at 12.48.57 PM.png

Keith McPherson

Show Host

WFAN Sports Radio

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