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There is nothing quite like being in the ON-DECK CIRCLE.

It's the place where you're next in line to perform. The place where you mentally prepare for the battle. The place where you envision the outcome. The place where you visualize taking your best swing.

The ON-DECK CIRCLE is filled with so much promise, so much potential! It's the place that doesn't recognize your past failures. It only represents the opportunity to do something amazing!

With the first half of 2021 coming to a close...let these next few days be your ON-DECK CIRCLE. Let it be the place where you see yourself finishing strong and achieving your goals.

Remember...what happened already doesn't matter. All that matters is a new opportunity to be better than you were! The second half of 2021 is like a new at-bat. And before they announce your name and you dig into the batters box, its the ON-DECK CIRCLE where you can bring your next home run to life!

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