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I want to talk about THE HUNDREDS, a street wear brand founded in Los Angeles in 2003 by

Bobby Kim and Ben Shenassafar, who later BECAME better known as

Bobby and Ben Hundreds. If it doesn’t ring a bell, their logo, ADAM BOMB certainly will.

The brand used California culture of punk rock, hip hop, skate boarding and surfing to garner a following of eclectic fans and customers. Now sold in retail accounts worldwide, THE HUNDREDS brand has grown to become one of the most respected street wear brands of its time, and recently celebrated it's 15th birthday. Last week, The HUNDREDS turned 15 years old, and on this special anniversary, both the brand and co-founder BOBBY HUNDREDS posted “HEARD IT ALL…LISTENED TO NONE”

An ode to the doubters, haters and naysayers during their incredible journey.

On their 15th anniversary of the founding of their brand, here are those powerful words from THE HUNDREDS.

When this was posted, I just got out of a meeting that may lead to a cool new retail opportunity for Digmi. I was excited about this new venture and optimistic that it may help Digmi continue to grow into the business and brand I truly believe it can be. But that optimism has been battling a lot of challenges as of late. Which is part of this journey when building a brand. And as you can guess, when things get more difficult, it seems like more people run for the hills and the voices of the doubters and naysayers get louder. So when I read this post, it was perfect timing.

Ive always been a huge fan of the hundreds. A huge one. Ive watched the brand grow from a distance out here on the east coast, and have always admired their authencitiy of who they were, and they commitment to telling THEIR STORY and no one elses. I admired their hustle. Their talent. Their honesty. And Im not a hipster. IM not a punk rocker. skate boarder or surfer. But I do love all of those cultures. And I love how THE HUNDREDS seemed to bring them all together. As I worked hard to build Digmi with our team, I would listen, and watch THE HUNDREDS from a far, learning a valuable lesson a long the way…A brand is not about the merchandise. Its about community. And what a community they help build.

I am committed to helping build Digmi into a brand that can enjoy some of the business success that THE HUNDREDS have enjoyed. Thats part of the puzzle right. To help build a successful business. But for me, much more importantly, I am committed to helping build Digmi into a community where fans and customers can come to feel their persaonaltes and dreams are always welcome.

THE HUNDREDS has been and will continue to be a great example and inspiration for both myself and our Digmi team. And who knows, maybe “THE GUY IN THE TIE” and “ADAM BOMB” may work together someday.

So today, unlike most days, I personally ask you all to take some time and visit, and not, and learn more about their brand. Check out their gear, read their story. Today, if you’re in the market for a new tee sweatshirt or hat, bring home something from THE HUNDREDS - they are RAY DIGMI recommended. And even without knowing, they have played a major role in why Digmi is still moving forward.

- Ray Digmi

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